November 19, 2008

Battle Wounds

I received a grad school related injury today as I tried to wrangle a staple out of the 40+ page stapler. It dug into my finger and left it bleeding, aching as I tried to quickly staple the rest of my paper packets while not bleeding on myself or my fresh copies.

Then I wandered around school in search of a band-aid, to no avail. You can usually find me by following the trail of coffee drips around the building but this afternoon, you could follow my blood trail.

Earlier this week I got a cardboard cut while opening a box for coffee hour. Since I received my injury while on the job, I considered trying to get worker's comp, but instead I just found a band-aid so I wouldn't bleed all over the coffee hour food.

Apparently I've been bleeding a lot. Life is hard as a grad student. But apparently we're the worst people:


Ryan said...

"I'm Lindsay and my blog says I'm voting for Barack Obama and that no longer makes sense in that tense."

Lindsay said...

sense and tense rhyme.