July 10, 2008

My life is so boring and so is this post

I wish I had pictures to post, but they're all stuck on my camera... I think my cord to upload them is at Kari's place. If I could upload them, they'd all be awesome 4th of July pictures showing me having a rockin' time. Woooo!

French 1002 has started up and I've got my first test tomorrow. It's all about food, so at least it's something relatively useful if I ever travel to a French-speaking land - although I'd like to think everything I've learned so far is useful if I ever travel to a French-speaking land.

A few weeks ago I hung out with my former roomies, KT George and Amy. We're hanging out again this weekend and I think we should do it until I leave. Roommate solidarity!

Seriously, if I had pictures this'd be way more interesting.

In other news, I just finished my 39th book of the year, which means I'm way ahead of schedule and only 10 away from completing my goal of reading 50 books cover to cover in one year! Whoo! Right now, I've read over 11,400 pages and the year is just over halfway done. Crazy!

Ok. I promise pictures next time, I swear.


Patti said...

If you just finished your 39th book, wouldn't that make you 11 books away from your goal of reading 50?

Perhaps this is the "new" math I'm I missed learning it.

Patti said...

and I have the "new" English....'math Im I missed'. What the heck was that? How about 'math AND I missed'

Maybe I need a drink....

Lindsay said...

I guess it's that I have 10 more slots to fill on my sheet. That's what I was going by, moms (new english).

tessarae said...

when are you coming back to the east coast?
my life is bereft of you, and that is tragic.