September 16, 2007

A brush with Keck

I was working at the library yesterday morning - my first time working there - and in comes this old man who tried to renew his books online, but his ID wasn't working so he needed to come in and have us do, and he was looking up some articles. He was kind of bumbling and old and like Anna, I do have a special place in my heart for bumbling, cute old men. He swipes his card, and up pops his account. Leander Keck's account. Leander Keck of Paul and His Letters, Leander Keck of my Romans class and his participation in Christ's death through baptism Leander Keck. The one who Polk said wouldn't appreciate Logan calling him "Leander" as opposed to "Keck" in his reflection paper. Anyway, it was like meeting a celebrity, but a celebrity for religion majors. I didn't say anything about having read his work, and now I'm kind of regretting that, but maybe he'll come in again. I think he probably would have appreciated someone recognizing him, but I couldn't remember the name of his book that I read and by the time I did, he was already wandering around the library.

I'm conflicted. I'm not sure how I feel about that new Beatles musical movie. I want to see it because the trailer looked good, but once I found out it was a musical I got iffy. I've listened to some of the song portions on the website, and I'm not a big fan of some of them. But then, some of them I really like. I think if it just contained all Beatles songs I'd like it much better, but I guess I just have to see it. It's directed by Julie Taymor and I do think there needs to be more women directors, so I want to support that. Plus I really, really liked Frieda and she directed that. Andrew and I are going to see it when I'm home for the wedding, so huzzah. Here is the website if you want to check it out:

Um, I kinda started a fire on my stove today. But other than that, I have to get back to my reading. I really didn't do much this weekend and now I'm looking at the pile of books and kicking myself. My apartment is really cold too. I'm wearing the wool socks Anele knitted for me, and usually I don't pull those out until November. Damn northern exposure! I'll have to tell you about the stove another time, unfortunately. Oops.

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Katie said...

I just spent a little too much time reading your blog. I really must go now. I'll be back shortly with a pastry (not a pasty!) of some kind.