August 27, 2007

New Apartment

I figured this was probably the easiest way to keep in touch with all the people who I feel like keeping in touch with, so if you want info or news on my life, call or check here. I try to avoid talking to people on the phone, so ... take that as you will.

I'm all moved in, thanks to the help of Mom, Dad and Kari. It's beginning to feel like home, or at least a place that reeks of me. Not smell-wise, but characteristically wise. Here's some pictures so you can get a feel for it yourself:

Living room and my wall to ceiling bookcase! Whoo!

My living room. One day, you may have the chance to sleep on this futon! All you have to do is visit me!

In case you can't tell, that's the West Wing, Season 3 on top of the TV.

My adult bed. I figured it's about time. Orange sheets optional.
P.S. The table on the right, with its beautiful marble top, cost $15 from the Salvation Army. It's awesome.

The ugliest bathroom ever, covered by the most calming shower curtain ever.

My kitchen. There's Ling on the right, Gracie and Ali over the sink, and some Dali pictures. Drew's cell phone picture from the white board is up there too, along with some pictures from ESOP 2003.

My work space - but note the Family Crest facing west - that's for you, ex-roommates.

Orientation starts tomorrow, and it should be fun. When I say "fun," I mean long and possibly boring. Amy won't be there, so I have no one to make snarky and sarcastic comments to. I want to have friends so I have people to hang out with here, but it's a pain in the ass getting to know people and do the whole "I'm Lindsay, MAR in Feminist Studies, originally from Wisconsin but I went to school in Minnesota, I want to get my PhD and teach about culture, religion and feminism" 50 times in a row. It's just tiring, especially when I know that I have great friends and a great boyfriend at home. I kind of felt the same way about camp. That WAS different, because I had Andrew, Amy, Drew, KG, Anna, ect to hang out with after work - I didn't need to become best friends with everyone there because I already had best friends. Here, it's not like I can head over to chillax with Amy and Drew... it would be lonely hanging out by myself. I'm sure everyone I meet will be nice - the ones I have so far are - but it's a lot of effort.

Classes should be good; they start Sept. 5. I checked out some of syllabi for classes I'm hoping to take, and the one on Gender, Sex and Power in Ruth and Esther looks really good. Within the first few weeks we have a class period on Genesis 34, which is the chapter I wrote a paper about two years ago (which also happened to win an award... true, a Hamline writing award, but still an award). So I'm looking forward to that.

Ok. I'm going to do something else now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lind-to-the-say
This is Do-ug
excited about your opportunity, like your pictures

Ryan said...

Hrmm. It seems we both are, as they say, 'bloggers'.