March 22, 2012

life updates

A few updates for you:

1. My IT band is still slightly irritated. It feels fine when I'm doing my regular things, work, etc. I've tried running a bit (since I thought it was more completely healed than it seems to be), and after about a mile, it gets a bit painful. Not as bad as before, but not at the point where I'd like to be. I'm going to try a more active recovery, where I run but not as far or fast as I was going. Which is a bummer.

2. We are moving! To somewhere TBD. Still looking, which is a pain in the ass. But both Andrew and I agree - we are ready to be out of our apartment. Our perfect place has a good set of criteria... whether we meet all of them or not is another story. My guess is we'll have to compromise on something - number of bedrooms, state of appliances, price - but it really depends on the place. If anyone knows of a 2 bedroom duplex/apartment with a backyard (preferably fenced in), dishwasher, non-coin operated washer and dryer, within 4-5 blocks of a bus line that goes to DT St. Paul (preferably in St. Paul), let me know.

3. Sam peed on Andrew's leg this morning. My dog is kind of dumb.

That's it. Bacher out.

March 6, 2012

i hate my IT band.

I'm so pissed.

My IT band started acting up on Sunday. I wasn't sure that's what it was, but a little internet sluething today pretty much confirmed it. I ran my 7 miles on Sunday, then iced it Sunday and Monday nights when it started feeling sore. Then today it felt pretty good for most of the morning, so I decided to head out for my 3 mile lunchtime run. Stupid IT band got irritated on the run and I had to take an easy pace. It felt sore but not super painful on my way back to work, however, after I sat down for an hour (and I'm guessing my muscles tightened up), standing and walking around was pretty painful. Limping may or may not have been involved.

So I've pretty much benched myself until this gets itself worked out. Planning on ice and rest, mostly. I'm just mad because I was really rocking the training up until this point. I hit 98% of the training runs, am getting much faster than I used to be, and generally feel solid about Cellcom training up until this point. So it's just frustrating to get some solid training in and then have to rest due to injury.

So let's hope it heals quickly and I can get back on my training plan.